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Let us connect you to the healing forces of Plant and Spirit

Amazonian Shamanic Healing and Teaching Centre

From the Amazonian Rainforest of Peru, our aim is to use and preserve the Shamanic teachings and healing techniques that have been passed on from generation to generation In our family.
We are just the ancestral facilitators of a process that aims to unlock your true essence of being.
Come and explore with us a different kind of healing. You will realise that you have always known it.

Upcoming Events

  • Shamanic Healing
    Shamanic Healing
    Every Friday
    Via Zoom
    Every Friday
    Via Zoom
    Every Friday
    Via Zoom
    A 50 minutes one-to-one Shamanic Healing via Zoom Please click on the button below to go to the book online section
  • Shamanic Retreat
    Shamanic Retreat
    We are open!
    Padre Cocha, 16000, Peru
    We are open!
    Padre Cocha, 16000, Peru
    We are open!
    Padre Cocha, 16000, Peru
    Our Shamanic Retreat workshop at our centre in the Amazonian Jungle allows you to explore a full experience of the healing powers of Plant and Spirit. Please get in touch for availability and pricing.

Our Story

A meeting written in the stars

“Back in 2010, I was an avid traveller in search of knowledge and in desperate need of healing to mend a broken heart.

The  minute I sat down with Javier and Jessica in a cafe in Iquitos I knew that his broad happy smile and her sweet calming energy were not new.. it was as if I had always known them.

Javier Arevalo Shahuano and Jessica Ramirez Seopa are two authentic Amazonian Shamans, with a long experience in healing, soul retrieval, medicinal plants and Plant medicine.

I spent a week in a healing retreat with them and was totally blown away by their simple, direct, yet so knowledgeable approach, and decided that I had to share this treasure to the world.

Javier and Jessica, from their part, had already been exploited for their knowledge, and didn’t really think that all that enthusiasm would bring a big change in their lives.

But when the Universe conspires, miracles do happen...

With  the help of our friend Roberto, who was with me at the retreat, a plot of land in the Amazonian Jungle was bought, and two little ‘tambo’ (huts) were built... then it was a bathroom, then a little kitchen, then more and more... the centre is today a place of natural beauty and rustic comfort, where people come to retreat and heal, or simply to reconnect, and it never fails to give..

In the past ten years we have brought groups in,  travelled the world and spent time learning from one other.. we often joke that we are ‘los hermanitos de l alma’, the siblings of the soul, but I believe this is true.. they are the ancient knowledge of magic that humanity has always had, and I am the bridge to connect them to the civilisations that have forgotten.”



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Spiritual Dimensions Centre, Padre Cocha, Peru

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