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How are he healings performed?

The online healings are performed via Zoom. After a short introduction and a brief explanation of what wants to be achieved through the healing, you will be required to simply lay down, follow a simple relaxation technique  with us, and then to close your eyes and connect to the energies of the Shamans. 
After the healing you will have a feedback from the Shamans with the best course of action .

please keep some water handy to drink after the session

Can I still come to the Centre?

You are more than welcome to visit us in person at the centre!

we understand that due to the travel restrictions getting to Peru is not easy, but for whoever is able to travel we’ll be more than happy to provide our usual services of Ayahuasca ceremonies, Amazonian medicinal plant healing and Shamanic training .Please contact us to arrange your ad hoc stay

Is it possible to train as a shaman?

Indeed. Javier and Jessica have trained many people at the centre, and they offer an extensive program which includes studying the medicinal plants, learning how to hold a ceremony, and learn the Icaros.

We are in the process of creating an online training with weekly meetings with the Maestros which can be helpful as a taster of the Shamanic techniques, or as a refreshment for students that have already trained at the centre and want to practise more Icaros and have the benefit of a weekly consultation with their Maestros. this space for more updates!

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