We are open! | Padre Cocha, 16000, Peru

Shamanic Retreat

Our Shamanic Retreat workshop at our centre in the Amazonian Jungle allows you to explore a full experience of the healing powers of Plant and Spirit. Please get in touch for availability and pricing.
Shamanic Retreat

Time & Location

We are open!
Padre Cocha, 16000, Peru

About the Event

The most complete way to experience the magic of the Amazon!

our 10 day retreat will immerse you in the jungle 24 hours a day. You will diet on medicinal plant, take jungle walks, do silent meditation and learn our beautiful Icaros whilst following a totally natural diet . You will have ceremonies with Ayahuasca  every other day and will integrate your visionary experiences with a feedback from the Shamans.

in addition to the visionary plants, Javier and Jessica offer a vast array of natural plant extracts and poultices to cure several ailments. once they assess your needs, it is not uncommon to see Javier running to the Jungle saying with a big smile "let me go to the Pharmacy!" True to his holistic beliefs, he knows that mind, body and spirit have to be treated in conjunction to achieve optimal health, and his knowledge of the Amazonian plant remedies is often used in conjunction to the Shamanic energy healing.

Due to the Covid travel restrictions, travelling to the jungle is much more complicated, but whenever it is possible , well welcome you with open arms.

Please  contact us if you plan to visit the centre, so that we can arrange pick up and give you all the info you need.

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